How large is your data management tax?

Your initial investment in Oracle EBS was made to run your businesses more effectively. But without accurate information aspects of your business will suffer. Data expansion rates are skyrocketing and effective information management requires more than IT’s expansion of database storage – it requires methods and tools that allow the business user to manage and create master and transactional data. Robust data management requires the participation of every user engaging with the ERP system.

All of the manual entry, customizations, migrations, and custom solutions associated with collecting, validating and transferring data into your ERP, creates a data management “tax.” And as the volume of data grows over time your tax will increase exponentially.


Solution Director Kristian Kalsing explains why a lean data management approach is critical for your business.

Why use Winshuttle for Oracle EBS?

The Winshuttle platform is designed to gather, validate and commit data into ERP systems in an agile method while maintaining security and governance.

Many software vendors in the ERP data management space are focused on big solutions that often take 12-18 months to deploy. And consultants are willing to develop custom solutions which can be hard to maintain and nearly impossible to upgrade. While these choices are certainly important and will always have a place, Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform enables solutions, from conception to production, in weeks. The business processes created with Winshuttle can evolve as rapidly as the changes in the business environment. Winshuttle’s rapid deployment enables business analysts to identify efficiencies and help develop solutions with internal resources to take an active role in process optimization.