Winshuttle for Oracle

Winshuttle makes tools to simplify your daily Oracle E-Business Suite interactions. We believe the technology you use at work should be every bit as easy to use as the technology in your home, in your car, and with the phone likely in your pocket right now. With Winshuttle for Oracle E-Business Suite we’ve created tools that let you simply interact with your data. You can create processes that are streamlined, flexible, and require no programming. In a few minutes you can enter, query, or update your data in new ways.

How does it work?

Winshuttle for Oracle consists of server-based tools and desktop products. The Winshuttle suite of products is connected to your Oracle E-Business Suite modules to allow non-technical business users to create the Oracle interfaces that work best for them. With Winshuttle for Oracle, your Oracle EBS instance remains the bedrock of your business data, and your Oracle rules and security are maintained, but an extra layer of flexibility is added, to enable each business group to adapt processes rapidly and with far less expense than without Winshuttle.

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Today, Winshuttle can:

  • Connect to Oracle Item Master
  • Connect Excel with Oracle EBS to query, manipulate, and load data
  • Connect SharePoint to Oracle EBS
  • Connect to SAP,, and other databases and ERP systems
  • Use Winshuttle Workflow process building tool to establish forms and workflows governing your data creation
  • Create connections to new EBS modules in 2-4 weeks to leverage all of the above functionality

Soon we’ll be adding new Oracle EBS modules regularly, which will automatically be connected to your toolset. If you’re interested in a free trial we’d be happy to work with you to demonstrate the value of Winshuttle.